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ATTiny85 Digispark Mini USB Development Board Module Tiny85 for Arduino

This is a tiny, arduino compatible board! It has its own USB bootloader and built in USB capability,..

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ATTiny85 Digispark USB Development Board Module Tiny85 for Arduino

6 I/O Pins (2 are used for USB only if your program actively communicates over USB otherwise you can..

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STMICROELECTRONICS NUCLEO-L152RE Nucleo Board, STM32L152RET6 MCU, Cortex-M3, LQFP Package, 64 Pins, Flexible Board Power Supply

The NUCLEO-L152RE is a STM32 Nucleo development board with STM32L152RET6 MCU allows user to build th..

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TTP223B Capacitive Touch Sensor Module

Based on the touch sensor chip TTP223B ( Direct Mode ), the module is a capacitive touch switch..

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TTP224 4-Way Capacitive Touch Sensor Module

This module is a four-button capacitive touch module. Output can be customized according to the sett..

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UNO R3 Development Board ATmega328P ATmega16U2 with USB cable 100% compatible

100% compatible Arduino UNO BoardThe new Uno is the latest version after the Duemilanove, with an im..

₹500.00 Ex Tax: ₹476.19